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Top 5 Road Trips in Cyprus: Trip 1

1.   Lara Bay/Akamas:The off-road experience

Akamas Peninsula
Akamas Peninsula is a Unesco Heritage and for that reason man-made developments have been able to be prevented from building in the area.

Before reaching this semi-dessert area of  low height floras  some points of interest can be visited. Let's take it by order though.

First you will need to do some preparations and figure what you might need to take for the trip. For example some extra snacks and especially fluids (best the water!) will keep your energy high and most importantly hydrated. Imagine driving thirsty  in hot conditions in an area without shops to re-supply.
At least there are some places within the area which are like an oasis. An example is Lara Bay Restaurant which literally is the only place (if you are way into Akamas) where you can have a sit, get something to eat and drink.

Don't forget that you are driving towards some of the cleanest coasts of the island so take with you a swimsuit, snorkel equipment, towels, sun-cream and anything else (that is reasonable and fits on your selected vehicle) that will make your day more awesome.

On the way to the destination there are a couple of places of interest which might worth a glimpse. The first encounter can be the Tombs of the Kings an ancient necropolis and burial site of royalties dated back to the 4th century. Continuing the trip, in about 20 kilometers you can pass by the most popular sandy beach of Paphos, Coral Bay and then reach the Sea Caves, viewing site of the Edro III shipwreck from 2011.
Off-Road Terrains

Four kilometers further the real adventure starts. That means entering Akamas Peninsula. The first impression would be the fade of the asphalted road until completely gone. A 'wild west' looking off-road and mountainous land with blue sea on the left spreads as the eye can see.

The 230 square kilometers of unspoiled land is definitely the natural thesaurus of the island. Unlimited crystal clear beaches, breathtaking higher grounds, centuries old pine forests are only some of the descriptions we can name. Some areas though have been distinguished for visiting: Avacas Gorge, Lara Bay (aka Turtle Bay), Blue Lagoon.

As to the riding experience, it is true that it can be physically and demanding (especially in the hot season wit degrees reaching 42)  but the combination of sea, off road gravel and thrilling hills will make the trip unforgettable.

Written by: Dimitris Iacovou

Destination: Akamas Peninsula
Distance from Paphos: 27km*
Surface: On/off road conditions
Best Ways to get there: ATV, Off-Road Enduro

*Distance estimated by google maps starting from our shop in Kato Paphos

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