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Scooter, motorcycle, quad and buggy driving license category requirements to drive in Cyprus: All you need to know

What vehicle can I drive with my driving license in Cyprus?

Through my work and driving experience (both good and bad) I understood that driving with the wrong category of license can get you and the person or company which gave you a vehicle into insurance trouble which trust me can be costly!

So after realizing that not only visitors in the island but also many locals don't understand the difference of the categories I decided to write this short blog in the hope that it will be useful.

You can see a table with the categories and more info at my businesses website at

Firstly you can check out what you already got by checking at the front and back side of your driving license. Look at the images below.

The most common category you will see is the B category which is the standard when you pass a test to get your full driving license.

Under this category you can drive any car (not with a carriage van) or a 50cc scooter or a quad bike and buggy.

At the license below which is mine you can see that I have more than B categories see A1, A2 and A.

AM: Small Mopeds 50cc

 B: Cars, Quads, Buggies, Mopeds 50cc

A1: Small motorcycles up to 125cc (max power 11kw)

A2: Medium Motorcycles up to 35kw (usually about 500cc)

A: Any motorcycle

Provisional license: 50cc vehicle such as a scooter


Front side of an EU license
Back side of an EU licence

Looking for more details? Check out this site too:

Hope this gives an idea that it is important to drive a vehicle with the right category to avoid been uninsured on roads.

To ask anything regarding the requirements in order to hire anything in Cyprus comment below or email me anytime.

Written by Dimitris Iacovou 

Manager at TT Motorcycle Rentals & Tours in Paphos

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A guide as to How is traveling to Cyprus at different times of the year.

What to except traveling in a Mediterranean island in Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter!

Have you even been in Cyprus?

If yes at what time of the year?

We all know Cyprus as the hot summer destination were the torching sun is hazardous when is way up in the sky. The activities and things to do during the high season are impossible to count, beach parties, open air events, tours and fully operational local businesses can make a heavy schedule if you want to experience them all. 

With this image in mind we have seen quite a few visitors in our motorcycle rental workplace in Paphos, who get surprisingly cold when they travel during off season periods or even don’t know what to do since the majority of the aforementioned activities are for the high season therefore closed due weather and low demand.

For that reason I have decided to break the sequence of the Top Motorcycle Travels in Cyprus stories and write this special article about what is Cyprus like throughout the season in my perspective.

Enjoy the reading and if you have any comments to make or experiences to share I would be thrilled to read and reply.

1.    The Autumn (Sep-Oct-Nov) – A summer extended!

Is it really autumn or summer extended? Expect the 2/3 of the above months to have a summerish feeling. September to begin with is a favourite month for many as temperatures are still hot with 11 hours sunshine a day (this year September first week had an average of 30 degrees Celsius!). What makes September different is that humidity levels drop down to normal so the constant sweaty filling goes away. 
At September many village communities such as Statos Agios Fotios in Paphos organize their annual agricultural festivals which attract hundreds of locals and tourists. At such events you can have a first look at how traditional products are make and get free tastes of locally produced wines, halloumi cheese and more authentic Cypriot delicacies!

Another popular event in September is Limassol’s wine festival which takes place at the old Zoo place. The biggest of its kind.

The same can be said for October month until the middle of November. However, the air of holidays, summer activities, summer clubs and water activities are coming to an end. Visitors can enjoy the island at a more relaxed pace as almost every service is less packed.

Seasonal fruits are rich in early autumn, figs, pomegranates, matured grapes whilst the beginning of clementine and citrus season starts around the end of November. At the moment of writing the article in every street of Paphos you can find full of vitamin C matured mandarins, oranges and lemons! You can grab some on your way!

A big confusion is what to except in November. With very attractive packages from airlines and accommodation Cyprus is still visited by many.

During this time is best to check the weather forecast more often than before. Occasionally it will be sunny (most of the times actually) but at moments except thunderstorms and heavy rainfall with strong winds. This is the extreme but we had it thrice so far this month. If you get to see thunder storm in Cyprus you can be amazed at the force of nature. It literally pours lighting non-stop until the storm passes.

And also because the temperature difference starts have great difference (today the minimum will be 17 degrees whilst the maximum 24) you could feel warm in day time but as soon as the sun starts to go for sleep it gets chilly. Some long trousers and long jacket to have is a good idea. The sun also sets early now between 4-5pm.

2.    Winter Season (Dec-Jan-Feb) – It can be cold, really it can!

You might have seen December photos with sunny beaches with swimmers. Cyprus was probably in some of them.
In touristic businesses this time is called the low season. December finds Cyprus at a festive mood since we do celebrate Christmas like the rest for the world. In all the big cities you will be able to see decorations and occasionally Christmas events happening somewhere in the centre.

During this time for sure it starts to feel cold at least as soon as the sun goes down so it is time to start dressing heavier and light up the heaters or fire places.

Speaking about fireplaces, that’s when village visits are a M-U-S-T! Hundreds of villages can be founded on the maps each one having its own ambience of space. 

Similarly to November month December first half is much warmer then the second with occasionally strong stormy days. 

Things don’t get icy till the last days of December and until February. The usual pattern of sun in day time and very cold in night is dominating. However, the dry cold climate can make the cold penetrate your body!

At higher grounds waking up in the mornings you can find iced water and yes the snowfall can take place. The most popular destination during that time is Troodos mountains (see our Blog regarding travelling to Troodos). Heated places wait visitors, local delicacies and a snowy mountain scenery has nothing to be jealous from a European winter destination! Beware though if you will be driving during that time as the roads can be really slippery and car tires are not very used to these conditions. Also services will not be throwing salt in the streets as they do in European countries to fight the icy road.

What about February? Ahh the love month. Of course Valentine is busy also in Cyprus, sometimes too busy! 
February sounds like a very quiet month with not many things to do in Cyprus, a summer place. Well there are actually things to do and you can wonder why not more people travel during this time.
First of all is great time to escape the freezing conditions who dominate Europe and get a flight to a warmer climate (not to be confusing it is cold here too with snowy mountains in Troodos). 

The biggest events to look out for in February are the carnival parades in all the cities with the biggest one in size of participants and attendees happening in Limassol every year and specifically 50 days before Orthodox Easter.  See below when is the Easter in Cyprus for 2019. Thousands of participants and visitors under any imaginable costume join the most mass party of the year in Cyprus.


Let’s take a deep breath because spring in Cyprus means blossomed flowers and pinky almond fields anywhere you look at. Especially if you travel a bit outside the city. Whilst still cool in the night time, days start their normal warm.

Enjoy the strawberry season too were you can find a strawberry seller walking round the streets aiming to sell local produced. Don’t be shy and decline if you don’t want to buy.

Spring is a personal favourite too due Easter period occurring mid-April and early May. For example in 2019 it is on the 21st of April. 
If you haven’t experienced Greek orthodox Easter it is recommended (whether you are strong follower or not at all) as it has a very spiritual and cultural impact. The epitome of Easter is Great-week and Great-Saturday (resurrection eve). 

Unlike the autumn when the summer heat still has its marks, here winter does so. And as the local saying goes on March is too early to save the burn-wood and winter clothes. During spring occasionally early summer heatwave periods are frequent and less frequently rain days.


4.    SUMMER (JUN-JUL-AUG) – Beach, Travel, Love, Holidays and more...

Like boiling water the temperature will gradually keep rising until its peak time around mid-August. All the tourist services and local business owners who deal with visitors have done their preparations from early spring and are now ready to welcome visitors. Shops will stay open longer and in general Paphos becomes a cosmopolitan city.

The contrast from empty streets in low season is now swapped to busy roads, summer umbrellas and scent of sun-cream protector emerges.

The dry season period of nearly 6 months starts too. Besides some rainy days which can occur in June (at least!) Cyprus fields and land can stay without a single drop of water coming from the sky for months. That’s quite hard for the farmers and trees in fact. Modern systems come for help in this case. 

During the high season there are really so many activities plans to write about that would just make this blog too long. Leisure time at the beach, water sports, ATVsafari tours (our specialty) excursions to mountains, parties, summer clubs and more await for you in every City of Cyprus.

Summer is rich with its fruits that everybody love for their hydrating attributes. Maturing around middle of June, nothing beats a Cypriot watermelon and a sweet melon consumption under the heat. Cactus fruits, pears, plums, apricot and in August figs and grapes. It is really a cat-walk of seasonal fruits. 

It is the time to be here once to see the vitality of a must summer destination. 

Take it easy with the tanning as often I personally heard stories from customers who got burned to a hospitalization degree by attempting to sun-bath at peak heat time (around 11pm to 3pm) in July and August.

A recommendation is also to check some prices prior to ordering as in the high season these can be a little touchy in some locations.

Carry a bottle (or bottles) of water with you as you can get dehydrated unconsciously and let the sexy times roll!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and remember if have anything to share please comment below. Also if there is a topic you would like me to cover just mention it and I will seriously consider it in next blogs.

The next topic will be a return at the best motorcycle trips to do in Cyprus.

Written by Dimitris Iacovou 

Manager at TT Motorcycle Rentals & Tours in Paphos

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Top 5 Road Trips in Cyprus: Trip 2

2. We Love Mountain Rides Part 1: Troodos Mountains- Mount Olympus

Kawasaki KLE 500cc
At 1,952 km above sea-level you can find the highest point in Cyprus. Here the chilliness and clarity  in the air coming from hundreds year old  Pine and Cypress forests is soul and body revitalizing.  

In other words this is mount Olympus, the highest peak of Troodos mountains situated in Limassol district extending to Paphos and Nicosia borders. That's how long the whole range is!

Troodos, thoroughly studied by geologists, is a place visited all year around. In Summer, since it is the coolest place to tackle the heat, but also in Winter, since it is the destination for snow lovers.

Besides the natural treasure of the area, there is the legacy of the Byzantine time that show the religious culture that played major part and still does among Cypriot people. The number of Byzantine churches and monasteries such as the 11th century Kykkos Monastery are now World Heritage sites by Unesco.

So in general, it is a must a visit. But how can it be combined with a great day ride on a bike?
Well, with many ways but for now you can read how it is possible to reach the peak and what to notice.

A morning start is always a good idea. It is October season, one of our favourite months for motorcycle traveling. At this time of the year the weather starts to be confusing. For example, at Paphos hourbour, the moment this blog is written the temperature is about 29 degrees sunny with some clouds whilst in Troodos the temperature is as low as 17 degrees Celsius partly sunny and with rain expectations shortly!

This temperature sounds not so low but the difference between day and afternoon and location makes it more intense. Waterproof jackets and good tires, checked ✔ 

Road to Mount Olympus
Starting from Kato Paphos shop straight to B6 road (we prefer to avoid A roads as it means highways) and will be looking for the F616 exit about 16 km away.

The F616 road is an experience itself. Within this 54 km of driving upwards you can witness almost every bit about Cyprus. Mountainous landscapes, golden wheat fields in the hot season and most of all authentic small Cypriot villages. Pass through Nikokleia, Souskiou, the graphical Kidasi and all the way up to Pano Platres.

Kawasaki 650cc KLR
When F616 comes to an end the F825 will take turn. Following this road you can do a stop at Pano Platres (pano means higher in Greek) to rest, eat after having a strong Cyprus coffee to continue further up. This wonderful village is arranged into the trees has many points of interest as well.  Milomeris Waterfalls is apparently very popular there but it takes some time to find it on foot.

Continuing driving, road B8 which leads directly to the centre square of Troodos will be encountered. Then going through E910 and F935 right after mount Olympus is reached.

And here it is that's how you can get at this point. Locals say that when the sky is clear without clouds and humidity you can even see the silhouette of a neighbour country.  

This is a trip that any driver will witness the wonder of the surrounding nature, deeply routed culture and it is difficult to believe that within just an hour and few minutes there can be such a complete change of sceneries.

As to the riding experience, you built endurance definitely. It is mostly mentally demanding as 100% concentration is needed to avoid hazardous situations such as goat jamming and to keep control at the demanding turns and steep roller-coasting roads.

Written by: Dimitris Iacovou

Destination: Mount Olympus - Troodos
Distance from Paphos: 76.5 km*
Surface: Asphalted Road
Best Ways to get there: Road Enduro

*Distance estimated by google maps starting from our shop in Kato Paphos

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